Artbook by Scott Ferry

I am currently working on finishing Maleficium Cultus – Dissolution Into Pandaemonium.
This should be coming out in the 2nd part of this year for sale through my Etsy Shop at
This book will contain artwork and writings by myself with a focus on the first part of the series Maleficium Cultus.
Keep updated on my website or my instagram at
It has been a long time since my last release of “Demoness” and then respectively “Malicious Delicious”.
Even though this development is still on going and this world is still opening I wanted take the key elements from the artwork so far created and put out a 1st part called Dissolution Into Pandaemonium. It will have my artwork and also some storyline texts I have been writing weaving in-between the visual spaces.
This far from all I have completed but it will give some utterances from the void that houses the entities called Scott Ferry.
This will hopefully come within several months from writing and for sale on my Etsy Shop site. It will be offered in hardback and possibly with some editions being signed and having an art print included.

We are all starry eyed nihilistic flowers growing from a hanged body.
– S. Ferry

Working on finishing Maleficium Cultus – Dissolution Into Pandaemonium

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