Blessings Raining Down

Blessings Raining Down by Scott Ferry
Happy Lunar New Year!! The Year of the Ox is upon us!

I was exploring at the end of last year and the beginning of this year the sorcery of FU. (Chinese Taoist sorcery) How to build talismans and spells on paper for summoning, healing, money, love, curses, control, and development. These two adaptations of the FU symbol raining down upside down into your house or space is an auspicious creation for the New Lunar Year of the Ox. I incorporated bats, as these are common in FU designs for luck and blessings. It also changes the idea of bats being used badly in the Corona Virus blaming and redevelops it in a proper light.

Blessings Raining Down 2 by Scott Ferry
Happy Lunar New Year!! The Year of the Ox is upon us!

Since usually at the beginning of the year we mention New Year resolutions and what we wish to accomplish and develop. Within my art I am working hard to write short pieces, I hesitate to call them stories, that will coincide with artwork I have illustrated and painted. I will only hint at that it will contain elements from the Maleficium Cultus and lead into working with these creations for exploratory magick.
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