VEYDANEH Rising at Question Pond

VEYDANEH Rising at Question Pond
by Scott Ferry
(watercolor painting on heavy watercolor paper)

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As I calm my mind and leave my body I hover above the ground and rush towards the subtropical wetlands around where I live.  I finally float above what I call Question Pond. It is quiet all around and the water is still. The cypress trees grow all around in a circle like age old sentinels. Saw Palmettos, Sabal Palms, and Florida Thatch Palm lean in to inquire on the intruder.  A few slow and methodical intelligent fish swim under its blue green surface, Ancient frogs hop to nearby trees then into the water, giant toads stare at me from the shadows, and cotton mouth snakes float in the water circling around where the Eyes stare through me from the depths and I feel a pressure on my chest then in my third eye and SHE rises from the dark waters.  Lifting gradually out of the water like a possessed doll limp yet alive.  Eyes blank yet seeing all things unseen.  Her little fangs touching my skin yet so far from it, a little god touched by pain and nurtured by nature.  The snakes twist around her body which is dark skinned yet white from death’s touch.  Horns spring from her head as her black twisted hair flies free. I bow in mid air my hooded robe falling over my face halfway, an adept of the Maleficium Cultus, I am present at her first rising.  The first sign of the Pandemonium all around us and the village that lies in the center of these wetland woods.

– Scott Ferry, 2020

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