Flower of Death by Scott Ferry

Posting a few in process drawings to the graphic story “Maleficium Cultus” which I will start posting up here in succession through the Fall time into Winter. Perfectly fitting.

I had started this years back printing in Usine106U Gallery art books some of the graphic novel but I had updated over time and there always the idea of finishing it.

A bit more background on this graphic story. Each page was originally drawn on 9″x12″ heavy watercolor paper. So pretty much each page is its own art piece. It was and is hard to showcase the detail in some frames as online social mediums are just too small. If I can I will show details every so often.

You can find the full ongoing graphic story on my instagram/scottferry or my facebook page. I also have it here on the website being put up under Black and White / Graphic Story >> http://scottferry.com/artwork_bw_graphicstory.html

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